Hi everyone, I am Cimoné Duncan, come and know me a little bit better …

The most important thing you have to know about me is that my clients will always come first. My main passion; photography, to capture that moment, that innocence of a smile, that special moment to treasure for the rest of your life. These memories, a life time of happiness, captured in a photograph, you can keep close to your heart.

I studied photography at Oakfields College in Pretoria, and received my certificate in 2011. My lecturer told us about the New York Institute of Photography, I decided to take it further, to learn more about the finer aspects of photography. So I went for it and entered the course in 2012. It was a 3 year course. Which taught me the different disciplines of photography. I received my certificate in 2014.

My main passion is new born photography, to capture that cute precious baby, every time, a new moment. I also love doing Portraiture, Family, Toddlers, Children, Pet photography and much much more. So that is how Moment Photography was born.

Go and have a look at my portfolio, and I hope to capture your smile soon …

Blessings to everyone, Moment Photography!